C…..CREATE: a match between your customer’s needs and your solution.

. Confirm your customer’s needs

. Clarify the customer’s pain options

. Compile and present evidence that your solution works

L….LISTEN: to all stakeholders involved.

. Learn about the customer’s budget and financing needs

. Look at the customer’s timetable

. Listen for obstacles and probe for objections

O….OFFER: your solution with a viable alternative.

. Outline your three major benefits

. Openly discuss any drawbacks- it will create trust

. Obligate the customer to a timetable for the next steps

S….SEEK: and confirm understanding of all benefits discussed.

. Show that you care about a mutual win

. Supply additional evidence and benefits if needed

. Shift gears when needed- flexibility is crucial

E….ENGINEER: a commitment that is real and lasts.

. Encourage your customer to agree with all the benefits of your solution.

. Engage the customer by asking for the agreement on the timetable and financial terms you have set.

. End the CLOSE by congratulating the customer and welcome them openly to your product or service.

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No Better Time than NOW !!


How often do you find yourself saying I should do something , only to not act on what it is you want to accomplish. Far too often we put things off, forget to take ACTION on our dreams , and let fear get in the way.  There will never be a better time than the present to take action on your ideas and dreams to make them a reality. Live your dream or live another`s  …the choice is always yours.





If one was to believe that everything on earth is composed of energy………..then would it not make sense that LIKE ENERGY attracts LIKE ENERGY, be it POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

How we think can be detrimental to what may or may not happen in our lives if it becomes negative in anyway.  

Here are a few tips to keep it POSITIVE and on the upside 90% of the time:

Success Breeds Success….. Therefore Associate with Positive individuals that continually offer you guidance and mentorship elevating you to higher levels and standards towards Success.

AVOID all those that hold you back……… The Nay Sayers…. The Wanna Bees, The Non-Believers   and those Afraid to TRY…..  They tend to believe that by brining others down They will be elevated, it’s easier for them.

It takes great COURAGE to attempt new things………. be they little or IMMENSE ……funny thing…

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Set your Goals and WRITE them Down

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GARY RYAN BLAIR has been called one of the world’s most influential thinkers on excellence and productivity and has been a keynote speaker and facilitator for such organizations as IBM, Federal Express, Subway, and the U.S. Army. He conducts workshops for individuals and organizations around the world. He is the president of The GoalsGuy and has more than 20 years of experience helping business owners, corporate executives, and sales professionals manage their time, set their priorities, and stay focused so they can achieve their goals, grow their business, and build sustainable competitive advantage.

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