Friday July 4th/14


My name is Christopher Robins and I am the Founder of The Robins Group.

A company with vast years of experience in Sales, Leadership, Team Building, Operations, Marketing, Seminars, Coaching, Start Ups, Hiring & Recruitment, Restructuring , Budget Analysis, and Mentoring services.

It has been my fortune to have either met or read many of the great Motivators, Salesman, Leaders, Mentors, and PMA Super Stars, of the world during my career.

Some of these are : Zig Ziglar . William Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill, David J. Schwartz Ph.D., Ben Gay III, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer, Og Mandino, Shakti Gawain, James Redfield, and many, many more….

Special thank you to Gerald L. / Weiner Founder CEO Landmark Canada,  for the time I spent with your organization in 2012 and 2103 for it is here that I was re-ignited through your superior leadership and mentoring skills… as Anthony Robins would say you once again woke the sleeping giant….

This blog is intended to provide you, our audience with complementary daily… Motivational Quotes, Inspirational posts, Sales/Leadership tips & techniques, and Insights….

I have been blessed to have had these Leaders available to help enhance my ability to excel in all areas of my life. So to them I say thank you.

While this is my first attempt at doing a BLOG, it is certainly not my first RODEO as a good friend of mine use to commonly say. Thx Randy Boatwright….. (The Levitin Group)

It is through this blog that I share our knowledge with you, in the hopes that it also helps Soar you to levels of Excellence in your lives…..

Live long, Laugh often, Love daily

Christopher Robins

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