Constantly we need to be reminded that our most valuable assets are our people. Far too often many managers fail to realize that it is your employee that allows you the opportunities to excel at your job. The front line staff are the fuel that drives your vehicle, for without them you have nothing.

I had a long discussion with a former associate of mine last week who was faced with a staff member who was resigning because they felt they were worth considerable more money than they were receiving.  This staff member had sent him an email resigning stating unreasonable demands and ultimatums.

It is unfortunate that when individuals are faced with challenges that they allow emotions to cloud their judgement which in turn leads to rash decisions .  As managers we need to realize that when emotions run high bad decisions normally follow….

My friend was about to allow this valuable employee to simply go by the wayside as he was furious with how this particular staff member had handled his frustration, and was allowing his emotions to cloud better judgement.

So I asked him…. why did you hire this employee in the first place, to which he replied, he has strong closing skills, but is sometimes a loose cannon.

I suggested that he ask the employee for a sit down to discuss the situation, as he had already invested a considerable amount of time and money to get this staff member to the level of performance they were now at.

As managers we must consider what the outcome of our conversations will be before we even engage in them.. What is likely to happen or how will it be received by the other person or people involved. Sometimes the delivery of the message is done with EMOTIONS out of control as well.

As it turned out the employee thought they were not being utilized to their full potential, and as such became frustrated to the point the became angry and issued unreasonable demands on their manager.  the demands were heavy and because of this they were not professionally put forward.

As managers it is our duty to mold our staff and encourage them to be the best they can be in all situations, and if they get out of line, to guide them , not criticize them.

Sometimes we just need to step back and think…How would I react or respond if I were in the other persons shoes….. and Let cooler heads prevail .

Everyone needs to be recognized and acknowledged for their efforts, and encouraged to continue to grow within our organizations.  For recognition and a good old pat on the back will in most cases feel better to an employee that a simple dollar sign added to their wallet.

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