Your ability to overcome negativity determines your levels of ACHIEVEMENT.  It is not what happens to you in your life; it is simply how you handle what happens to you that only matters.

ACHIEVERS are men and women who are committed, determined, and focused, and therefore are willing to sacrifice and continue to struggle. This is the price that ACHIEVERS are always willing to pay.

Your willingness to KEEP ON KEEPING ON, no matter how difficult, discouraging, and frustrating the negative and the problems are, will be your guarantee of ACHIEVEMENT…..

thank you / Jerry Wiener

HAVE A GREAT DAY ALL…and may the bird of paradise nest in your life…. 

2 thoughts on “ACHIEVEMENT

  1. I am loving this blog, I am currently working in the Dominican Republic as a closer for Lifestyles and this blog gets me pumped every time I read it. Thanks a lot Chris.

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