Everyday in every walk of life you are faced with THOUGHTS, yours and everyone else’s.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” The secret of life and success lies not outside, but within the thoughts of man. It can make giants out of pigmies and often turn giants into pigmies. History is filled with of how a certain thought process turned weak man strong, or even strong man weak.

Behind every step you take in life, regardless of it’s direction is that formidable and powerful force called THOUGHT. The very way you dress, talk, walk, all reflect how you think. A slovenly carriage is an indication of slovenly thinking, whereas an astute and alert upright carriage is a sign of inward strength and confidence. What you exhibit outwardly you are inwardly.  You are and become a product of your own thoughts. What you believe yourself to be you are.

Your THOUGHTS will predetermine your character, your career, and indeed your everyday life.

If you Think you can then you can, and if you Think you cannot then you cannot……….

So if this in fact true….then fill yourself with only POSITIVE THOUGHT and belief in yourself, and do not allow NEGATIVITY in your thought process…….


Thank you / Claude M.Bristol

have a great day all……..

Live long, Laugh often, Love daily

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