I Can Not afford 2 Timeshares

How many times on the table have you heard your prospect say they would love to become a member if only they could get rid of the timeshare they bought years ago…….. This is a common excuse used by many prospects around the world.   They dislike what it is they purchased yrs ago, and even state they wish they had found yours first. Experienced closers through proper investigation and warm up should have discovered this through their opening discovery questions. However sometimes it rears its ugly head during closing , only to realize you are at your bottom line and have nothing left to offer as an incentive to purchase. For all closers here is a tool that can be used to help: CYRIA GROUP…. ( an associate of The Robins Group) will take any timeshares off your hands and guarantee the transfer out of your prospects name…….. For information on CYRIA GROUP google or visit their web site http://www.cyriagroup.com or simply leave a comment with email address that we can forward you the info…… Basically for the cost of ruffly 2 maintenance fees your prospect can dump theirs to purchase yours… It is a win win scenario… Good luck and happy hunting…… Christopher


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