Master SalesPeople start their day with a PEP TALK….. in the MIRROR

All great Leaders and Managers start their week off with a SALES MEETING, where all sales staff are required to be in attendance. The purpose of these meetings is to PUMP UP the staff, give that famous pep talk, Motivate them to reach for the stars, to excel in all areas, and to preform as professionals.
Every organization of any size, will have this as a required skill set for their sales managers and team leaders. But what happens if these people are not self-motivated, inspirational, or are just plain and simple not of the right frame of mind or ATTITUDE to get the job done…. well at that point you are left on your own.


example:  PUMP UP – self secession Christopher Robins

Good morning Christopher Robins…… meet Christopher Robins, an important, REALLY IMPORTANT Individual….Christopher your a big thinker…so think big today, you have the ability to excel today ….so excel… Christopher, you believe in having fun, being prosperous and helping others…
so talk only with a smile,
so talk only prosperous,
so share this fun and prosperity with others,

You have a lot of ENERGY Christopher, so put that energy to work. Nothing can stop you NOTHING…..
Christopher you are ENTHUSIASTIC …so let your enthusiasm show through.
Christopher you look great, feel great, so stay that way.
Christopher you were a wonderful person yesterday, and your going to be even more wonderful today.
Now go meet the world Christopher, and be all that you can be……

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