It was desire that brought progress to the world. Without it , we all would still be living in the Stone Age. Everything we have in life is a result of DESIRE. Desire is the motivating factor and force of life itself.

Hunger promotes a desire for food, poverty promotes a desire for riches, cold a desire for warmth, inconvienence a desire for ease and efficency.

Desire is the generating power of all human action, and without it no one can succeed or go very far.  The stronger your desire the sooner its consummation.  Desire marks the difference between the ditch digger, and the person of great accomplishment, the clerk and the executive, the difference between failure and success. So we must start our day with DESIRE.  By believing, you can accomplish all that you desire in your minds eye.  Desire sparks your subconsious mind and lets you shut out all distracting thoughts, negative ideas, or any fear of failure.

The stronger the DESIRE, the more likely it is that you will accomplish what it is you seek……..

It is my DESIRE  that you grow and flurish, and obtain true  happiness in your lives…..

Think BIG  and let your DESIRE manifest today………

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