The MASTER SALESPERSON omits nothing; he/she mixes their words so that they blend with harmony and symmetry to capture the prospects imagination. They build their picture around a motive that dominates the entire scene they are painting, putting the prospect’s own mind to work for them. This is truly a MASTER SALESPERSON. This is commonly referred to as DBM or dominate buying motive. Most sales are lost because the salesperson failed to uncover the prospects DBM.
Master Salespeople are made they are not born. They become MASTER SALESPEOPLE, by studying techniques and motives, they develop expert methods of analyzing buyers and the reasons they buy. They ultimately know what will motivate their prospect to act in a favorable manner so as to secure the sale. They become skilled by studying people and the motives that cause people to act. That is what anyone who will rise to mastery in selling must endeavor to attain.
The 1000’s of salespeople whom I have met over the years have taught me that MASTER SALESPEOPLE are made not born. I have had the privilege of having met perhaps a hundred Mater Salespeople in my years of selling and training, the others are simply order takers. The difference in earning capacity between the MASTER SALESPERSON and the order taker is extreme, and can run into thousands of dollars per month in income to as much as a million dollars a year.
Master salespeople can accurately paint pictures in the minds of their prospective buyers through as many motives and through as many scenes as possible. They often supplement mere word pictures with actual pictures of their goods, knowing that sales are more easily made when the presentation reaches the mind of prospect through more than one of the five senses and also when more than one motive for purchasing has been planted in the buyer’s mind. It has been stated many times that a picture is worth a 1000 words and remains in the mind as a motive to act by the prospective buyer. The MASTER SALESPERSON knows to begin and end with a proper motive. People are moved to purchase or decline through motive. Base your entire presentation on motive and the sale has been made before you even begin.

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