There are two forms of sales endeavor. One on one negotiating, and group selling or public speaking. The MASTER SALESPERON’S education is not over until he or she has the ability to influence groups as well as individuals. The ability to speak to groups with a force which carries conviction is a priceless art.
High pressure salesmanship, of which we have heard so much of over the past 40 years, is now a thing of the past. The future will be built on the importance of: “How much can I give in the way of service to others?” NOT “How much can I get away with and keep out of jail.”

It is through the use of various MOTIVES that you will learn how to become a MASTER SALESPERSON. There are many sound ways of winning friends and influencing people through the use of appeal based upon some combination of various motives. Every move, every act, every thought of the human mind is influenced by one or more various motives. You can greatly reduce any misunderstanding or opposition from others, and keep friction to a minimum through the use of these motives. If you accomplish this you will not only become a great salesperson, but a MASTER SALESPERSON, regardless of your profession.

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