I am re-posting this as I am amazed by the lack of leadership I saw while visiting 3 large companies this past weekend.

When a new employee is hired they expect to receive proper training from their TEAM LEADER…  This was the total opposite of what I experienced while visiting these companies.   There was little to no support toward the Junior sales staff, it appeared to be a sink or swim philosophy …. disgruntle employees, and absolute lack of leadership……

If new employees are not made to feel important or valuable to their new position they will become discouraged and quit.

I even spoke to a few and asked how they were enjoying their new jobs…… much to my surprise 3 out of 5  said they hated it as they received no support from other members  or team players…..

As soon as a new employee is hired they should be placed with one of the top producers under a required company mentor ship program. After all is it not the job of the recruiter to help this person grow and succeed?  One would have to wonder with what I observed while  on site at these companies.


A great LEADER will create an environment where by you strive to be your own champion by discovering and conquering your fears and barriers. Igniting the source of your power so that you can express total freedom, and with that freedom you can become the person you always wanted to be.

QUOTE:  show me your leader and I can tell you everything about your troops, show me your troops and I can tell you everything about your leader….

George C. Patton

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