F…..Family… ask questions about the prospects family… people love to talk about themselves when invited to do so.

O ….Occupation… become interested in what your prospect does for a living…for this is how they spend the majority of their time… find out if they like what they do…ask if you could do anything you wanted for employment what would it be.

R …. Recreation… ask what your prospect likes to do with their leisure time…sports, activities (alone or with family)

M …. Motivation … ask what motivates your prospect to do the things they enjoy… what dreams your prospect has and how will they achieve them.

When properly used F.O.R.M. will give the MASTER SALESPERSON the information needed to direct the prospect through the presentation process. There is no point in talking about baseball if the prospect does not like baseball. Remember it is about them not about you. Find some form of commonality and build on that. Prospects like to deal with people who are like them.
MASTER SALESPEOPLE always look for something they like about the prospect even if the only thing you like is the shirt they wear; you must find something you truly like about the prospect to build commonality.

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