Vince Lombardi’s rule was:
If you are not 20 minutes early then you are late…….

GREAT RULE…. this is the sort of stuff successful people are made of. They arrive early to set the tone for their day. They rid themselves of all baggage they picked up from yesterday. They have that subconscious garbage bin that they automatically cast unwanted, junk, spoilage, and distractions into, before they begin their day.

We all recognize the ones who arrive just in the nick of time … you know the ones… disheveled, hair a mess, untidy, but they are just in time….. Well these people never last long…. and they are always the most negative about everything. Not only that, they have the burning desire to share their problems with whoever will listen…..

SUCCESS: is a frame of MIND; it is ATTITUDE; it is FOCUS; it is PURPOSE; it is DESIRE; it is having a GOAL and staying the course.

SUCCESSFUL people feed both their bodies and their minds, while others merely eat to survive.

My daughter once asked dad, why do you read the books that you read? To which I replied…… Life is all about choices sweetie, imagine you either say or hear one day…… do you want the super-sized Sir…. OR……. paging Dr. Robins, paging Dr. Robins…….. That choice will always be yours!!

I LOVE you dear that you are pursuing your dreams.


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