The MASTER SALESPERSON must become a showman. For showmanship is one of the most important factors in not only becoming a master salesperson, but in almost every walk of life. No one wants to purchase from a boring order taker.
People purchase because of personalities and ideas much more quickly than they buy just merchandise.
For this reason the person who uses showmanship will outsell the salesperson who does not.

The efficient showman makes use of their enthusiasm as a tool for motivating the prospect. The poor showman knows nothing about enthusiasm, and rarely would even consider owning the product they sell.

The sales manager who is not an efficient showman is defeated before they begin. They must be able to bring out the showmanship qualities of their sales staff or they will fail to be successful in their attempts to lead the charge. Any salesperson that uses showmanship can change the prospects mind from negative to positive at will.
Prospects are not influenced largely by reason; they are swayed through emotions and feelings. The person who is incapable of arousing their own emotions on a deep level is rarely able to appeal to others through their emotional nature.

The able showman can neutralize the mind of his/her prospective buyer regardless of the state of mind they may be in when first approached, and what is more important , the able showman knows enough not to even attempt to reach a climax or close until such a change has been successfully accomplished.

No salesperson can plant the seed of desire in a prospective buyer’s mind when it is in a negative state. The successful showman prepares the mind of the prospect before beginning the sales process. If they do not, they are not a salesperson.

The major difference between the MASTER SALESPERSON and the ordinary sales agent is the fact that the master salesperson is familiar with basic motives and uses one or more as a foundation of their selling process, while the sales agent uses neither a motive nor a plan. He/she merely attempts to sell through strength and knowledge of their product and their awkwardness of a hit or miss method, which sometimes works but usually fails.


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