We all know that EMOTION sells and Logic tells….

The Master Salesperson builds emotion into every sale, they are MASTERS at painting a picture with words, and getting their prospects emotionally involved.

However some of us get more easily up and down than others. The more up and down you get, the more likely you are going to get over-excited or overwhelmed by the situation, and that puts you in a bad spot to win the big sales consistently.

The key is to distance yourself from the process just enough so that you’re not swept away with the emotional tides. Don’t only focus on not getting down – also make sure you don’t get too high either, because that disrupts your focus also.

The picture you paint with your emotional stories must have relevance to your prospect. Make it all about them, never about you. Some sales people paint a picture where they are the only ones in it and become over emotional to the point of becoming unbelievable.

Visualize remaining calm and composed in even the biggest situations. Act like you have been in those situations a hundred times, and eventually you’ll feel like it too.

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