ARE YOU A …. MASTER…. C. L. O. S. E .R.

C….. Confidence…… Master Closers have self confidence in their ability to close at will.

L…… Listen….. Master Closers listen more and talk less…this leads them to knowing when to close.

O…… Opportunity…. Master Closers know when it is the perfect opportunity to close the sale and are able to have the prospect believe that it is their own decision to purchase.

S…… Sincere….. Master Closers are always sincere in their desire to help the prospect, and they show them not just the features, but the true benefits of their service or product.

E…..Enthusiastic….. Master Closer’s enthusiasm is contagious and therefore gets the prospect excited to purchase their product or service.

R…… Reveal….. Master Closers disclose everything about their product or service so that the prospect fully understands what it is they are purchasing. There is NO hidden agenda.

If you like the above please comment below, and add any other acronyms that you feel best describe CLOSER….
Have a great day all…………..

1 thought on “ARE YOU A …. MASTER…. C. L. O. S. E .R.

  1. Absolutely agree, All So often people ( closers ) get hung up on themselves and go to far. And this takes the spotlight off the purchaser and the deal is DONE…..

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