“It is not in the dreaming… It is in the doing“

Quote by: Mark Cuban

Growing up we are repeatedly told to dream big, to never stop dreaming and to believe in our dreams. However we are not told enough that dreams are accomplished by taking ACTION…

Dreams are merely thoughts; the doing is more powerful than the dreaming. The doing is what changes the world and impacts people in unforeseen ways.

Dream of being a Doctor, go to medical school. Dream of being a writer; apply to Elite Daily and start writing. Dream of being a politician , get involved in politics. Dream of being a Master Salesperson, take sales courses, and read sales books….

We have more control over the doing than we give ourselves credit for. If you spend all your time dreaming, you will never grant yourself the opportunity to see what you are truly capable of accomplishing….

Put your foot forward and take that first step towards…. ACTION…. to fulfill your dreams

Have a fabulous weekend all…. and DREAM BIG….

3 thoughts on ““It is not in the dreaming… It is in the doing“

  1. I like to think of it as TRaction. Towards Results action
    That way the things needed to get done to get the result can be organized into a TRaction Plan consisting of doable steps in sequence with deadlines.

    John Cameron
    Rock Solid Business Coach

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