SMILE….. Someone may be watching……..

Having been asked by some to give a summary of my experience…. you may view my profile @ Christopher Robins…..The Robins Group through my LinkedIn account….. Shortly we will be announcing other extremely talented Associates of The Robins Group and updating our website, which is currently under construction.

It is our mission to be able to provide anyone with Sales. Leadership, Motivational, Team Building, Visualization/Meditation, Goal Setting, Mentoring, and “MASTER SALESPERSON “ Transformation, coaching services. In the hopes that it will help enhance Everyone’s ability to excel in their chosen fields.

I hope that some of our previous Blog Posts have “inspired”, “motivated”, or lead you to “action” and helped with your day.

Currently….The Robins Group is working on a series of SEMINARS…. that will be offered in various cities throughout Canada and the United States.

Some of these seminars will also be available through Webinars,and Telecasts,so watch for those announcements as well.

It is our honor to have the opportunity, to assist everyone and anyone in their endeavors to have a better life.

for information on dates in your area and more info. You may contact us at.

Have a FABULOUS Thursday all………………………………

Lunch: Time to feed the body and mind……..

1 thought on “SMILE….. Someone may be watching……..

  1. Hi Chris!
    Master Salesperson – I like the description. It highlights your passion for training people to be masters at selling and being successful at work and in personal life. I wish I could just click on the links you are referencing in your post to take me directly to the sites you quote.

    Liked by 1 person

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