Emotions….. Most Powerful Tool a MASTER SALESPERSON has……

1. The emotion of sex…. (Number one on the list as it is the most powerful of emotions.)
2. Emotion for or of love
3. Emotion of hope
4. Emotion of faith
5. Emotion of enthusiasm
6. Emotion of optimism
7. Emotion of loyalty

The MASTER SALESPERSON who can appeal to their prospect through the use of their emotions will make 10 sales to every 1 sale made by the salesperson who appeals to their prospects through their reason alone.


1. Emotion of anger…. (will destroy all chances of success)
2. Emotion of fear…. Courage is not the absence of fear it is your action in spite of your fears)
3. Emotion of greed (a prospect will feel this above all others)
4. Emotion of jealousy
5. Emotion of revenge (this will steal any positive thought you may have)
6. Emotion of hatred (hate steals your ability to feel love)
7. Emotion of superstition (promotes fear in your subconscious mind)

The presence of any of these NEGATIVE EMOTIONS or impulses in the conscious mind is sufficient enough to destroy the presence of all positive emotions. Avoid these at all costs if you want to become a MASTER SALESPERSON

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