Surround yourself with POSITIVE people

We become most like the individuals that we associate with. If our friends or business associates are full of negative, energy-suckers, and drama queens, we will emulate that negative behavior and become like them.

It is very difficult to become more positive when individuals around us do not support or demonstrate positive behavior.

As you become more positive, you will find that your existing friends and associates will either appreciate the new you or they will become resistant to your positive changes and move on.

This is a natural response as most people do not adapt well to any type of change in their lives and usually try anything avoid it.

By eliminating the negative people in your life, you will take a huge step towards becoming more positive.

Positive people are always harmonious and bounce their perspectives, energy, and beliefs onto one another.

Positivity is a systematic process when you do it solo, but through association with only positive individuals, you will accelerate to levels of success beyond your beliefs.

“There are only two ways to grow in life, by the people you associate with or the authors that you read”. Napoleon Hill

“If you want soar like an eagle, don’t hang with turkeys”. The Robins Group

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