A.) They recognize and appreciate loyalty.

B.) They always take responsibility to get it done.

C.) They respect the attitudes of their competitors.

D.) They put the needs of their troops first.

E.) They honor themselves as well as those around them.

F.) They uphold integrity and continually go above and beyond the call of duty.

G.) They rise above their fears.

H.) They always lead by example…. They walk their talk.

I.) They always assume responsibility for their actions.

J.) They embrace creativity in others as well as themselves.

K.) They are compassionate in their search for perfection.

L.) They listen to their troops as much as their leaders.

M.) They inspire greatness in others and accept failure as a learning curve.

N.) They exude confidence in their troops.

O.) They are the first to give recognition when and where due.

“show me your troops and I can tell you everything about their leader, show me your leader and I can tell you everything about their troops” George C. Patton

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