GUIDANCE: seek belief from those who have a common goal. Avoid those who do not.

REWARDS: do not punish yourself for trying and failing….rather reward yourself that you had the Ambition to even try… re-focus and try again.

SECURE: in having the ability to know you do not have to prove others wrong and the knowledge to know it is ok to fail, providing you have done everything possible to win. Tomorrow will be another day…. success comes one day at a time.

ATTITUDE: is the most powerful gift you can give yourself…use it daily on a journey to reach your destiny, and you will succeed.

ACCEPTANCE: understand that mistakes will be made along your journey and have faith in your ability to learn from those mistakes and continue to move forward on the journey to your success.

ADAPTABILITY: we are continually given boundaries by others on what they tell us is good for us. Have the will power to challenge those boundaries and the world can be saved. However learn to play within safe boundaries before you attempt to leap forward.

PATIENCE: to believe and wait for faith to show you the correct path.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”
Winston Churchill.

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