1. Expect to make mistakes along your path:
They are just part of the learning process… take notice of them and formulate an action plan to avoid them in the future.

2. Don’t let fear make decisions for you:
Your best decisions will always come from a calm and clear mind.

3. Understand that being a MASTER SALESPERSON is not supposed to be easy.
Hard work and dedication to your profession will yield satisfaction with very few regrets.

4. Have total belief in yourself during the difficult times:
If you do not, no one else will.

5. Be totally aware of your problems and shortcomings:
Always focus on the positive and eliminate the negative.

6. Don’t hesitate to make changes that you believe to be right:
Never be pressured to make changes you don’t believe in just because someone else does. Be in control of your choices.

7. Your success should be defined by you:
Not by what others tell you it is. Your success is measured by your beliefs and your goals.

8. Don’t be content with financial rewards alone:
Seek satisfaction from the steps you took along the way that led to financial success.

9. Only associate with like minded colleagues and leaders in your chosen field:
It will change the way you think and drastically increase your income. Avoid the want a bees and fun suckers.

10. Your attitude is greater than all of your problems:
How you perceive your problems and how you deal with them is always up to you. You can learn from them or you can have a PITY-PARTY…..

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