PERSISTENCE……. The will to keep on keeping on……

“Persistence is a wonderful human quality which means the ability to do all that is necessary to achieve your goals. Persistence is your ability to face failure, defeat, discouragement, and difficulties again and again without ever giving up, and to work towards your goals in face of any problems or difficulties. It is your intellectual, and physical power to continue to go forward and hold on in spite of everything.”

“When worms are scarce, what does the hen do? |Does it stop scratching? IT DOES NOT. It scratches all the harder. A lot of people have shown less sense than the hen since orders have become scarce. They have laid off sales representatives, they have stopped or reduced advertising, they have simply resigned themselves to inaction and, of course, to pessimism.
If a hen knows enough to scratch all the harder when the worms are scarce, surely business professionals….. ought to have the gumption enough to scratch all the harder for business.”


Have the willingness to scratch harder than your competitors, and you will rise to the top.

1 thought on “PERSISTENCE……. The will to keep on keeping on……

  1. Reblogged this on The Robins Group and commented:

    Yesterday I was faced with many challanges but manage to punch through…
    It reminded of one of my previous posts for the day……. PERSISTENCE….The Will to keep on keeping on…… so here it is again for anyone who may have missed it……


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