TIS THE SEASON TO GIVE…………falalala lalalala

Well here we are and it’s December 1st 2014……. Where did the year go? As you reflect on the year you have had, be thankful for everything that you have accomplished. Be thankful for the failures you have encountered, for they have taught you strength and wisdom.

December one of my favorite times of the year. A time to share with others, gifts of happiness, joy, and compassion for all mankind. Sharing is one of the most wonderful gifts you can offer anyone. Sharing of time, knowledge and experiences are far more valuable than objects purchased with mere money.

I saw an article yesterday posted by a good friend: it was entitled GIFTS FROM SANTA. Apparently what a retirement home in Florida had done was put a Christmas wish list on a tree for all the residents to put up a wish for 3 items. Then the local community would go in and pick one of the wishes from the tree and go out be SANTA for the day and purchase those items. What a marvelous idea.

The gift of giving to others is a precious memory, which makes you feel warm and loving inside, or at least it should. The wish that my friend picked was from GRACE- 86 years old, who wished for some fragrant soap, some bubble bath, and chocolates.

Find a cause to give to this Christmas, and help others…… for if we all gave what a wonderful world it would be…………..

“If you haven’t got charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble”
BOB HOPE- comedian humanitarian

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