Happy New Year to all…………….
As I reflect on 2014….. I am grateful for so many things………….
Dec 2013 I was struck with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and was fortunate to have been scheduled for surgery within a very short period of time…. This gave me an invaluable lesson…that no man can stand alone for it takes caring and love of others to truly be able to stand tall.

One more test of strength should bestowed upon me. Feb 2014… Diagnosed with Stage 4 T4 Gleason scale 10 Prostate Cancer………… that was now in my bone.

Ok…. SPARTA-CHRIS ….. Time to put on full body Armour…. and fight in the arena of life.

It is truly amazing what the mind can accomplish with the correct ATTITUDE…..
“whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” Napoleon Hill….. Whom I have held high on my Mentor list for many, many years.

It is absolutely TRUE that behind all successful men there will be a woman, their most valued friend, confidant, and certainly the love of my life a wife. Julie you are truly an amazing person and I thank God that he lead you to my life.

It is with your love and guidance that we shall together overcome all obstacles adversities and challenges in 2015.

Thank you to all who shared their thoughts, love and even anger my way through 2014…. For you helped me grow in wisdom and strength.

For those who have not heard I have been given the honorable privilege of being the guest speaker on a radio show to jump start the New Year. http://www.robinsgroup.com

Thank you for 2014 Lord and the strength and wisdom learned.

May 2015 bring all the happiness and love to your households this year, and all that you hold dear.

Live long, Laugh often, Love daily

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