One of the biggest mistakes new sales people make is the believing that the customer is coming back. The elusive bee-back. Some sales people even bank on it and calculate the commission into what they believe they will get paid on this month or next.

When you first get into sales you will have the customers that swear they will be back, they love the product but they just need to arrange the money or get certain obstacles out of the way before they can sign on the dotted line.You tend to believe the customer and get excited at the prospect of a sure thing.

But over time you will learn that until the paper work is signed sealed and delivered, nothing is certain. It is better to believe that customers may believe they are coming back and will use great certainty in trying to convince you of their intent but…. it is better to say to yourself NEXT…………. and not get caught up on having a list of BEE-BACKS

Believe in this: SW.SW.SW.N
Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Next……. It will be more productive in the long run.

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