1. Make the customer Love you

2. Always ask the prospect questions about themselves

3. Stay close to your prospect at all times..Create Unity

4. Tell the prospect a secret about your product… (Make them think they know something special about the product that others do not.)

5. Earn your prospects respect by showing class

6. Refuse to accept “NO” as a final answer… (No usually means tell me more I do not know enough yet to make a sound decision.)

7. Always pay attention to the prospects personal needs… Not what’s in it for you, but rather how will they benefit from purchasing your goods.

8. Listen, listen, and listen to what the prospect has to say.

9. Observe everything about your prospect… their voice their facial expressions, their body language

10. Show your prospect that you actually care and appreciate them… They will never care how much you know until you show how much you care.

11. Be emotional as this is the key to closing… Emotion sells

12. Always thank your prospect for the business, and assure them they have made the right choice.

13. Defuse the prospect from the either after the paperwork has been completed… if they are on an emotional high when you leave them when they come down they will question what they have done… better to remove them at the time and reassure them they have made the right choice in their purchase.
With combined ingredients of… ENTHUSIASIM, CONTROL, and PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE you can sell anyone.

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