1.   Assuming the problem the prospect communicates is a real problem

     2.  Thinking their sales presentation will sell and close the deal:

      3. Talking too much: to listen is the key.

     4.  Believing you can sell anybody anything. People don`t just buy on your say so. Prospects must be lead through a period of self discovery before ever making the decision that your product or service is right for them. They are pre-programmed for resistance, and people don`t like to be told what to do, or to buy. Never sell by telling, ask leading questions, or use 3rd party stories to help the prospect discover the benefits of your product or service.

    5. Over educating the prospect, when you should be selling.

    6. Failing to remember that Salespeople are DECISION makers: every step of the way through the sales cycle a salesperson must make critical decisions as to whether to continue investing time in a relationship with a prospect. If you as a salesperson are a poor decision maker, your lack of clarity and undeceive action will be mirrored by your prospect.

    7. Reading the prospect mind: veteran salespeople are often culprits of `reading minds“, because they have seen it all. So they make assumptions and jump to conclusions that lead to wasted time at best, or lost opportunities at worst. ASSUME makes an ass out of you AND ME.

    8. Working as an unpaid salesperson in an attempt to close the deal. Don`t give away the farm, know when to walk away.

    9. Becoming your own worst enemy: never blame the prospect for stalling the process. Instead look inside for it is the job of the salesperson to assure the prospect, and address any real objections or detours. The only way to streamline the process is to continue you to practice and refine your sales approach and techniques.

   10. Hoping the prospect doesn’t notice a problem: To avoid potential disaster address it before it erupts. Always come clean and be open and transparent, should something become problematic in the selling cycle. Prospects will respect that, and together you can find a solution.


                                                                        Paul Bennitt

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