You don’t manifest what you want! You manifest what you BELIEVE.

If you have negative thoughts and beliefs around how it will feel to ACHIEVE it…………..It will never happen.

ELIMINATE any beliefs around Money or Success …Avoid these:

Making Money is Hard

I Will Never Be A Millionaire

I Do Not Have Enough Education To Be Successful

I Will Never Make It In This Economy

I’m Too Young Or Too Old To Be Successful In Order To Make

To Make A Lot Of Money I Will Have To Work Long Hours


If you keep on doing what you are doing you will keep on getting what you’re getting.

You will need to re-program your sub-conscious and rid yourself of any of these beliefs.  For you can recreate your way of thinking.

Surrender to WHAT IS does not mean GIVE UP……… it simply means to ACCEPT what is without passing any negative judgement on it.   Never just say IT IS WHAT IT IS and shrug your shoulders in disappointment….. TAKE CONTROL

Begin to shed your LIMITING BELIEFS and any negative energy you feed them.

Begin hanging out with people, who will help elevate you in new areas.  Read only POSITIVE MATERIAL.

Be Responsible for the Energy………..You bring into a room.

UNLEASH The Past and Release Any Negative Energy And Thoughts Surrounding It.

FORGIVE …..when you don’t forgive it only HURTS you!  Not forgiving is holding onto Negative energy. If you eat poison it will Kill you ….Not the other person (Negative thoughts and energy is self poisoning.)

Hurt people ….only Hurt people………….

DEVELOP an attitude of GRATITUDE… be thankful for what you have not disappointed in what you do not.

Holding onto pain and hurt of the past is like walking around with a huge ball and chain attached to you leg. Where ever you go there it is to hold you back….. Affecting every move you make in life….. And NEVER in a Good Way!!!

Whenever possible you need to recharge your ENERGY and Mental Vibration. The Laws of Attraction state …that like attracts like, and that the energy we release to the universe is the exact energy we will receive in return………..

NEGATIVE ENERGY:  shame, guilt, fear, anger……….

POSITIVE ENERGY:  Love: Joy; Peace; Gratitude…………..

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