A Master Salesperson… is a person who has developed the ability and art of painting a picture in the hearts and minds of people, as Picasso could blend on canvas. They can orchestrate a concert on anyone’s emotions as brilliantly as Madonna can manipulate her audience.

A Master Salesperson… is a person who has developed the ability and art of interpreting causes by their effects and effects by their causes. Through character analysis he/she will learn the thoughts of a person’s mind by the expressions of their faces. They will hear the words used and know their true meaning, they will know the thoughts of silence; they automatically develop a gut feeling as to when to close.

A Master Salesperson… can control the thoughts of others and manipulate them to a positive result for all. He/she does this by, mannerisms, facial expressions, and the correct choice of words and the tonality they choose.

A Master Salesperson… can determine the future by learning from their past.

A Master Salesperson… becomes a MASTER SALESPERSON only after they have become a master of themselves.

A Master Salesperson… learns from those who have preceded them… they look at the greats of the world and analyze what made them great thusly adopting their methods. Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, John D Rockefeller, William Wrigley Jr., F.W. Woolworth, Charles M. Schwab, and recently Donald Trump who have sold themselves into riches with the principles I will describe.

Selling simply put… is the art of planting in the minds of others a motive which will induce a favorable action. The MASTER SALESPERSON becomes a master because of his or her ability to induce other people to act upon motives without resistance or frictions.

There are two forms of sales endeavor. One on one negotiating, and group selling or public speaking. The MASTER SALESPERON’S education is not over until he or she has the ability to influence groups as well as individuals. The ability to speak to groups with a force which carries conviction is a priceless art.

High pressure salesmanship, of which we have heard so much of over the past 40 years, is now a thing of the past. The future will be built on the importance of: “How much can I give in the way of service to others?” NOT “How much can I get away with and keep out of jail.”


It is through the use of various MOTIVES that you will learn how to become a MASTER SALESPERSON. There are many sound ways of winning friends and influencing people through the use of appeal based upon some combination of various motives. Every move, every act, every thought of the human mind is influenced by one or more various motives. You can greatly reduce any misunderstanding or opposition from others, and keep friction to a minimum through the use of these motives. If you accomplish this you will not only become a great salesperson, but a MASTER SALESPERSON, regardless of your profession.

Motive is the pulse by which all sales are completed. Motive must contain a life pulse or it will not turn into a sale. The person who can inject a life pulse into motive is a MASTER SALESPERSON…. a master because they can capture the imagination of the prospective buyer’s own imagination and make it work for them.

Your first move will be to lay out a plan of action. Most salespeople crash here for the lack of having a definite and sound plan.  Sound judgment must format your plan for without it one is proceeding blindly.  A master salesperson does not use high pressure to gain a sale, but rather depends entirely on motive to neutralize the prospects mind, so as to have a favorable outcome. The master salesperson paints a word picture of the thing they are offering for sale. They must first roughly outline the picture they want to paint, later filling in the details, using ideas and motives as their paint. In the centre of the painting or focal point, he/she draws a clear and concise motive for the prospect to digest. As all paints on canvas must also be based on a motive or theme, so must a successful sale.

The MASTER SALESPERSON omits nothing; he/she mixes their words so that they blend with harmony and symmetry to capture the prospects imagination. They build their picture around a motive that dominates the entire scene they are painting, putting the prospect’s own mind to work for them. This is truly a MASTER SALESPERSON.  This is commonly referred to as DBM or dominate buying motive.  Most sales are lost because the salesperson failed to uncover the prospects DBM.  We will cover this more in greater detail later in the presentation.

Master Salespeople are made they are not born. They become MASTER SALEPEOPLE, by studying techniques and motives, they develop expert methods of analyzing buyers and the reasons they buy.  They ultimately know what will motivate their prospect to act in a favorable manner so as to secure the sale.

They become skilled by studying people and the motives that cause people to act. That is what anyone who will rise to mastery in selling must endeavor to attain.

The 1000’s of salespeople whom I have met over the years have taught me that MASTER SALESPEOPLE are made not born.  I have had the privilege of having met perhaps a hundred Mater Salespeople in my years of selling and training, the others are simply order takers. The difference in earning capacity between the MASTER SALESPERON and the order taker is extreme, and can run into thousands of dollars per month in income to as much as millions of dollars a per year.

Master salespeople can accurately paint pictures in the minds of their prospective buyers through as many motives and through as many scenes as possible. They often supplement mere word pictures with actual pictures of their goods, knowing that sales are more easily made when the presentation reaches the mind of prospect through more than one of the five senses and also when more than one motive for purchasing has been planted in the buyer’s mind. It has been stated many times that a picture is worth a 1000 words and remains in the mind as a motive to act by the prospective buyer. The MASTER SALESPERON knows to begin and end with a proper motive. People are moved to purchase or decline through motive.  Base your entire presentation on motive and the sale has been made before you even begin.

The MASTER SALESPERSON must become a showman. For showmanship is one of the most important factors in not only becoming a master salesperson, but in almost every walk of life. No one wants to purchase from a boring order taker.  People purchase because of personalities and ideas much more quickly than they buy just merchandise.

For this reason the person who uses showmanship will outsell the salesperson who does not.  The efficient showman makes use of their enthusiasm as a tool for motivating the prospect. The poor showman knows nothing about enthusiasm, and rarely would even consider owning the product they sell.

The sales manager who is not an efficient showman is defeated before they begin. They must be able to bring out the showmanship qualities of their sales staff or they will fail to be successful in their attempts to lead the charge. Any salesperson that uses showmanship can change the prospects mind from negative to positive at will.

Prospects are not influenced largely by reason; they are swayed through emotions and feelings. The person who is incapable of arousing their own emotions on a deep level is rarely able to appeal to others through their emotional nature.

The able showman can neutralize the mind of his/her prospective buyer regardless of the state of mind they may be in when first approached, and what is more important , the able showman knows enough not to even attempt to reach a climax or close until such a change has been successfully accomplished.

No salesperson can plant the seed of desire in a prospective buyer’s mind when it is in a negative state. The successful showman prepares the mind of the prospect before beginning the sales process. If they do not, they are not a salesperson.

The major difference between the MASTER SALESPERON and the ordinary sales agent is the fact that the master salesperson is familiar with basic motives and uses one or more as a foundation of their selling process, while the sales agent uses neither a motive nor a plan. He/she merely attempts to sell through strength and knowledge of their product and their awkwardness of a hit or miss method, which sometimes works but usually fails.

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