Lets all “TRY TODAY………

“Our greatest weakness lies in GIVING UP. The most certain way to SUCCEED is to ALWAYS TRY, just one more time.”

Thomas Edison


TRY: why is it some will and others will not…… HUMMM….

Well:  If I try I have Committed myself

        If I try I have to take Action

        If I try I have to muster up the effort

        If I try it Presents the possibility of Failure

And all of a sudden the “WHAT IF”…. kills some of us.

You Know the ones I’m talking about … the ones who fear failure, they look for excuses not to TRY, and they begin to “WHAT IF” themselves to failure.

“Excuses are the Quicksand in the land of the living.”

John Maxwell

Master Salespeople LOVE THE CHALLENGE IN TRYING for their fear is “WHAT IF I DON’T TRY”


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to SUCCESS….when they Gave Up.”

Thomas Edison


Have what it takes……. to TRY everyday…… and you will guarantee your SUCCESS…….



HAVE A GREAT EASTER ALL…………. and may the Bird of Paradise…….. Take rest in your home.

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