This is a precious life. Every second wasted will never come back.

When you wake up be thankful for another day to experience it and to share your ideas and gift with others. When you go all out and share your passion with others, it will only distinguish you from the average person is the sense of urgency to do everything you can with this one day, this one hour. You may not have tomorrow so you need to take action now!

The only way you become successful is to take a risk and challenge yourself. You risk your time, safety, money, security, reputation and so much more. So what? Let fear be your compass. Follow it all the way through to the end and see to it that your business and your life are nothing short of extraordinary.

We are defined by our vision and our commitments (our word). When you revisit your goals, mission statement and vision daily you will be in alignment with your highest potential more often. Naturally, there will be days when circumstances get the best of you or throw you off track, but if you stay attuned to your vision you will rise above the petty details time and time again.

Dare to be different, Dare to challenge yourself, Dare to be the best that you can be, each and every day.


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