How important is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE to success


Positive attitude has nothing to do with what happens to you.

It’s what you do with what happens to you….


A positive attitude comes from your ability to process thoughts in a positive manner, regardless of the circumstances. It will never be 100%. That’s why in spite of your determination to be positive at every moment you will constantly have highs and lows based on your thought process and your vulnerability to others.


So what is a positive attitude… a simple definition is … the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think…. Interestingly enough that is also the definition of a NEGATIVE ATTITUDE.

A better definition is how you choose to dedicate yourself to the way you think, how you choose to dedicate yourself to being POSITIVE, and how you choose to dedicate yourself to respond in a POSITIVE way.

Most people have a positive attitude some of the time. This means that some people have a negative attitude all the time. You know who these positive people are by the way they conduct themselves and by the way they respond to things…in the same manner you instantly know who the negative people are in the same manner…. Which will you hang with?

Attitude challenges are all around you, and the closer they are to you the more vulnerable you become. It’s your parents, siblings, spouses, and close friends that influence how you think and how you react to situations. Often we let their problems become our problems. Often their crap becomes our crap. And whenever they want to have a pity party they feel the need to send you a personal invitation to attend.

YOU MUST… walk away, don’t pity people, and focus on yourself.

YOU MUST … study attitude every day. It reinforces automatic thinking or autosuggestion which becomes part of your subconscious mind…

YOU MUST … look for how you can take a situation and turn it into a win, even if it means jumping in and battling negativity for a while, and then emerging in a positive frame of mind.


ATTITUDE …is your choice not your circumstances.

ATTITUDE …is the way you respond to the situation, not the situation itself

ATTITUDE …is the way you choose to respond, and the way you respond

A BUTTERFLY …is actually a caterpillar with a positive attitude….

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