Every day of the year we do some kind of DISCOVERY…discovery is simply the gathering of necessary information…. so as to know when or what comes next in the close we desire…..

In SALES it is the most important STEP to the… CLOSE TODAY!!

Discovery ….is the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHY…you will need to uncover… to accomplish your mission towards the “CLOSE TODAY”……

It is your job to ASK leading questions so as to have your prospect show you the way to the CLOSE, all the while providing you with the information you need to appeal to his wants and desires…..TODAY!

It is ONLY …through the use of  


That ultimately will lead both Yourself and your Prospect …to a WIN…WIN… scenario for all.

Questions asked…. should be open-ended, so as to give your prospect a choice…..and Questions asked by your prospect should always be answered with a Question….

This will require INTENCE listening skills, for if you fail to listen you will not know what questions to ask…. Every discovery is and should remain a NEW EXPERIENCE….. Master Closers never allow routine to interfere while doing their discovery… for when you do it sounds like a canned performance….. And the prospect is on to you…….and shuts down.

You can ask any question you want of anyone if you ask it correctly.

“Excuse me do you mind if I ask you a question, only because I’m curious….” will lead most individuals to say Sure…. (Only because they become ….CURIOUS themselves)…. as to what the Question will be…..

We have all heard that famous saying


So always make them Curious, and they will want to hear more.


Have a great day all, and let the games begin…..

Live Long, Laugh often. Love daily


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