are presented daily; however most see the word OPPORTUNITY … with a dollar sign leading the way…..

An opportunity is simply the chance to change what is currently taking place, whether taken or not, is a choice!

Opportunities…. Should be seized when they present themselves, by everyone, be they small or massive.

We have all heard that famous saying “when opportunity knocks” followed by “opportunity knocks but twice”. 

Instead of looking for that HUGE opportunity, grab hold of the daily ones that present themselves all around you.

OPPORTUNITY…….to help others is presented often throughout any day,

“You become successful by helping as many other people as possible become successful”  

                                      Zig Zigglar


OPPORTUNITY …….to grow is presented daily…look for mentors to show you the way, or better yet Mentor others…..

“There are but two ways to grow, by the people you to choose to associate with, or the authors that you read.”

                                      Napoleon Hill


“Seize all opportunities to make a difference daily, be it to help others, or to personally grow, and it will lift you to heights beyond measure.”


 Excuse me I think I hear a KNOCK @ the door.


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