Welcome to November…..Have you set your sales goals and done them with INTENT??

I’m amazed sometimes by the response I get when I ask ….so what’s your plan for the month, have you set your target…and the response is…I’m going to close 30% this month.

So let me see if I get this correct …you’re going to succeed to close 30% of the people you see this month. Although a significant amount for some (18/60 not bad if you see 2 prospects per day over a 20 work day month)……however it admits defeat before the race begins.

Start your month with the INTENT of closing everyone you meet, have the confidence, vision and perseverance to exceed your beliefs.

Say to yourself as you start your MONTH….

The Power to Be Is Within Me……………………and then write it down ….and sign it. By doing this… you have pledged to yourself and your soul to be the best that you can be regardless of any setbacks, hurdles, or adversities. 

You have now set the TONE for the month……. so let the race begin.

My personal best in demonstrating this….. Was during a training project I had undertaken for a sales team in Northern Quebec (RCI) to train on PMA…the effects of a Positive Mental Attitude….

 I went onto their sales floor and closed 16 of the next 17 couples I was introduced to. The first one unfortunately did not have the means to purchase TODAY.

It is truly amazing what you can accomplish when you set high standards for yourself and have a clear vision of what you desire. One should always set their own personal standards of achievement, as opposed to ever having others set standards for you.

You can live Your Dream…… or help fulfill someone else’s.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve.”

                                                                             Napoleon Hill

Here is to a spectacular November to all my associates and friends.

Live long, Laugh often Love daily.



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