READ YOUR PROSPECT /Through Eye Contact…..

NLP – Nero Linguistic Programming will help you know if you have built rapport with your prospect. Eye movement of any kind indicates involvement through thoughts and ideas: Be they positive or negative. We have all heard that expression “If eyes could kill I would be dead”

Master Sales People use NLP to know when to advance and when to retreat by watching and observing both eye movement and the direction they go. Properly used you can determine positive or negative thoughts and true or false statements.

Eyes indicate where information is stored in the brain…Past…Present…or Fabricated.

This enables the Master Sales Person to know where and how to lead his/her prospect to a win…win scenario for all.

There are many books and courses on NLP…add them to your library and skill sets…..


And Remember the best way to get to where you want to go is to PRACTICE… PRACTICE …PRACTICE.  






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