How RICH are you

I do not have a great deal of money …..yet I am rich beyond measure…. I have you Julie my wife who lets me know everyday in every way that I am Loved xoxo… I have you Mallory my daughter who keeps me on my toes and makes me a better person, you are so much like me…my heart beats every time you are near…( mostly from fear LOL)…. I have you Aaron to carry on the Robins name…. and I am so very very proud of the man you have become xoxo …It`s probably  Jennifer who showed you the way… xox … I have 3 beautiful Grand Children,I have my Identical twin brother and sisters who always have my back…..I have my closest friend  Kees  and all his family….. I have all my other friends and business associates who help shape the man I have become… I even have my enemies who keep me alert..

If ever in doubt of whether or not you are RICH…just take inventory ….There is no bank in the world whose Vault can hold that much wealth…..

Live long, Laugh often, Love daily

Christopher Robins U.E. MBA (Master Best Attitude)

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