For Anyone In The




.         Are my goals set? Do I know where I am going?


  • Do I have a positive Attitude?


  • Have I used positive affirmations to begin my day?


  • Am I dressed for Success?


  • Do I greet my guest with excitement and enthusiasm?


  • Do I assure my guest that they will receive their gift or incentive?


  • Do I always pay a compliment to both my guests?


  • Do I get acquainted and take the time to talk about my guest?


  • More flies are caught with honey than with vinegar- kill them with kindness!


  • More sales are made through questions rather than telling. By asking all the right questions I allow the client to convince themselves as to the value of our product and services.


  • I will tell the clients what they need to know about me, but by all means I will focus upon them and not upon talking about myself.


  • Do I establish credibility for myself?


  • Do I establish credibility for the Company


  • Don’t start the sale too soon or too late.


  • I will set the temperature, gear it for fun and reassure my guests that we are going to have a good time.


  • Do I make a friend before I start the sale process?


  • When doing the Discovery did I get the Truth?


  • I will set the agenda and explain all of my TODAY incentives every Time!


  • I will always activate the YES momentum!




  • I will tell them that I can change their lives and improve their quality of living. My program will affect their personal and professional perspective about life. It will change it for the better. What could be better than that?


  • I will tell them they deserve great vacations with their family and friends.


  • I will remember to always touch on my guest’s needs and desires!


  • I will find their DBM’S (Dominant Buying Motives) – what turns them on/makes them tick.


  • I will take them on a dream vacation through the avenues of our product.


  • I will tell them about my vacation ownership ( if in fact YOU have one)


  • I will remember to tell third party stories- relative to my guests.


  • I will paint a perfect picture and put them in it.


  • I will always discuss real-estate values/ do they know it’s better to own than to rent?


  • The best time to cover an objection is before it happens.


  • I will continually work to refine my presentation until ultimately I cover all objections before they happen. This is my primary job-related goal.


  • I will write 5 things I did right after each presentation.


  • I will remember that sales… are a numbers game and as long as I am presenting my products clearly, honestly, and toughly, I will ultimately be successful.


  • I will always remember to set the value, build the value, and confirm the value.


  • I will always explain to my guests the effects of inflation.


  • I will always remember to consider my guests emotions, which involve their family’s future: e., Love, Fun, and Security.


  • I will always explain the difference between Timeshares/Vacation Ownership and a Private Members Club. ( The #1 hidden objection)


  • I will sell the benefits – people buy benefits. Use, accrue, rent, exchange, gift, will, or sell.


  • I will always ask closing questions to check my progress along the way.


  • I will incorporate humor along the way. I will remember that people retain 100 % more of factual information when injected with humor. I will make my guests laugh. I will always remember that the best source of humor that any of us have, is ourselves.


  • Is my body language appropriate for my subject matter?


  • I will remember that a great philosopher once said, what you are speaks so loudly that I can’t hear a word you are saying.


  • I will always remain in control


  • Do my clients trust me, and have I given them reason to.


  • Did my clients doubt my every word?….. That’s my fault isn’t it?


  • I will have the courage to admit my mistakes and weaknesses, and the strength to correct them with haste.


  • On my property tour, I will confirm value, luxury room vs. hotel….will stress location, amenities, value of the trade.


  • I will sell the owner benefits; I will take my time and be thorough. I will confirm that my guests like my program and that they see the value it has to offer them. I will assure them that we have something that is affordable for everyone.


  • I will remember that the purpose of ANY trial closing is to ask a question, which will yield an opinion.


  • I will remember that when my trial closes fail to be successful that it is ….then my opportunity and responsibility to back up…. and find the problem before going for the close.


  • I will remember to close all doors (objections) before continuing on the next step of the presentation.


  • I will remember that when I show the money, I will ask for the sale with conviction.


  • I will remember that we are the best product on the market for my guest’s desires and needs TODAY.




……………………  BUT MOST OF ALL ………..







Live long, Laugh often, Love daily

Christopher Robins U.E. MBA (Master Best Attitude)





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