Leadership: It is a Journey all should take…but only few Succeed!

Unfortunately many who attempt to lead others allow their personal EGO’s to control how they lead others. They believe that only their opinion is what matters and seldom seek suggestions from their team.

Rule number One is:   There Is No… I… in TEAM


One of the best descriptions on Leadership that I have had the pleasure to have read was written by Gerald L. Weiner in his book ESSANCE of SUCCESS…. a personal friend of mine and fellow colleague, who started Penn Corp Insurance in Canada many years ago.


LEADERSHIP:  A great LEADER will create an environment where by you strive to be your own champion by discovering and conquering your fears and barriers. Igniting the source of your power so that you can express total freedom, and with that freedom you can become the person you always wanted to be.

As soon as a new employee is hired they should be placed with one of the top producers under a required company mentor ship program. After all is it not the job of the LEADER…..to help this person grow and succeed?  If new employees are not made to feel important or valuable to their new position they will become discouraged and quit.

Rule number Two is: You Can Only Become As Strong As….. The People You Surround Yourself With!

Good leaders are always able to promote from within… A wise man once said … If your companies mandate is to climb a tree… is it better to train a squirrel or hire an elephant?


And my all time favourite Quote:

“Show me your troops and I will tell you everything about their leader…show me your leader and I will tell you everything about their troops”

                                    General George S. Patton

Leaders Lead by Example….as opposed to just telling others what to do…they show them how to do it.



May you all reach levels of Success beyond your Dreams……..




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