Oh Look Another Bridge to Cross……

The funny thing about Bridges is that they all lead to something… called Opportunities…… to cross the bridge or not… is always a choice.

However, the only way sometimes to see what is on the other side is to actually cross that bridge. It is not until you cross… that you will see where it takes you and the endless opportunities you may discover.

Unfortunately not enough people dare to cross the bridges of life, and choose to remain in the comfort of the Now, and dare not risk venturing out of their comfort zone, for fear they may fail or fall down.

Life is a never ending supply of Opportunities that will come your way, but not everyone will recognize them when they see them. For most see Opportunities as work and time, and they shy away.

It is only those… Who Dare to Cross that Bridge that will ever discover the reason it is there. Bridges are thrown onto our lives so that we are given a choice to possibly move forward in our roadways to Success.

Along all roadways there are always signs pointing the way…. The same holds true, along the road to Success……

The first thing you need to discover is….Where it is…. You want to go and be in the future, for if you fail to identify that you will not go anywhere.

So establish and set Goals towards what you desire….And think about those goals daily, and let the universe take you to wherever or whatever it is you desire most.

“We become what we think about more than anything else”

                                      Napoleon Hill

This holds absolutely true for both Positive and Negative thoughts.  

A dear friend of mine Jim Vaughn who has a website called IQ Morning Report.com,  likes to compare life to a hand Cranked Sausage Grinder… in other words you get out what you put into it and nothing more.

Obviously in order to produce Great Sausage… you will need the correct ingredients…. the same holds true for Success.

SO begin to turn the Crank, and the harder you Crank….the More you will receive. 

Now remember what you put into your grinder will always come out the other end. If the grinder falls short on what you want or fails to put out the desired results then feed it more and change the ingredients. Change the way you think, change what you read, or maybe even change the people you associate with.

Remember that in order to… Succeed…. you will have to fail along the way for many obstacles, and barriers will cross your road.

This is when you will come to a bridge to show you the way…be sure to cross it.


Live long, Laugh often, Love daily


2 thoughts on “Oh Look Another Bridge to Cross……

  1. This is so true and to tell you the truth I am glad I read it and now I will be setting the goals on a board again and I will achieve the things that i want out of life. Thanks a lot Chris.

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  2. Thx! Awesome!

    (Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind and a missed opportunity. While you are thinking about it, someone else is doing it.)

    STEPHANIE BLACK 705-955-9558 Wasaga Beach TRG-therobinsgroup wrote:

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