No Better Time than NOW !!

How often do you find yourself saying I should do something , only to not act on what it is you want to accomplish. Far too often we put things off, forget to take ACTION on our dreams , and let fear get in the way.  There will never be a better time than the present to take action on your ideas and dreams to make them a reality. Live your dream or live another`s  …the choice is always yours.




Live long, Laugh often. Love daily


3 thoughts on “No Better Time than NOW !!

  1. The solution to overcoming procrastination is, to have a list, a very long list of “Reasons Why” you want to do the actions/activities that cause the desired end result. When you fail to have such a list, you don’t have a high enough level of internal motivation to do what you could do, should do, outta do, etc. When you use this list and produce the results you don’t have to say anything to anybody. Your actions speak louder than any words you could say.

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