SO fill up that GLASS, and quit worrying so much…don’t sweat the small stuff..every thing in life happens for a reason…some times it just takes us awhile to see the reason…. Have a fabulous day all…..


It doesn’t matter if the glass is half- empty or half- full. All that matters is that you are the one pouring the water.

No matter how troublesome life can become, you are in control of your emotions, decisions, and outlooks on all situations.

Try not to dwell on how empty or full your life or the lives of others might be.

Believing that you have control over how much water is poured into the glass of life is a powerful skill.

How you react to not getting the perfect job or career, a friend’s betrayal or loved one’s death can make the glass seem pretty empty; however, you get to decide how much water is poured.

It is not what happens to you in life that matters; it is how you deal with what happens to you that makes the difference.

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