Well another year has come and gone. I hope everyone has enjoyed my posts this past year and that it has added value to your day. It has been my great pleasure to have shared with you thoughts and inspirations from some of the greats both Past and Present.

It is time once again to set our GOALS and Resolutions for the new year. 2017 is almost upon us so be sure to bring in the new year with gusto!!!!

I would like to personally thank a few of my MENTORS for the value you have added to my life in 2016….

Ben Gay III …. Author The Closers, The Closers 1 and 2 bfg3.com

Jimmy Vaughn ….. IQMorningReport.com

Karl Moore … Inspire ..Brain Evolution System Zen 12, Hypnosislive + More

Joel Brown…. AddictedToSuccess.com

Tom (too tall ) Cunningham …. Journey To Success books 1,2,3

just to mention a few.

Everyone should have a Mentor to help Inspire you and keep you on your path to Success.


” You become successful by helping as many others as possible become successful”


Live long, Laugh often, Love daily


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